TJ Lane

I'm leading the PBIO group at CFEL. I've always been facinated by how proteins can self-assemble and function -- with such a rich and powerful set of functions! I did my PhD at Stanford with Vijay Pande, performing MD simulations and developing theory trying to answer: what are the necessary and sufficient physical conditions for a system to self-assemble? The complex models we built could not be falsified by current experiments, which is why I started paying attention to the work going on at SLAC just up the hill from Stanford. There, time resolved crystallography was undergoing a renaissance at the LCLS, so after my PhD in 2015 I joined the staff at the LCLS where I stayed for 5 years. Following the brightest x-rays around, in 2020 I moved to DESY to work with the fantastic group of folks at CFEL and be right next to the EuXFEL.