We build and use the massive facilities of DESY to answer questions at the intersection of light and biology.

FS-CFEL-PBIO is the research group at CFEL focused on understanding photoactive biological systems, primarily isolated proteins. The group is led by TJ Lane and works closely with others on the DESY campus, especially the Chapman/coherent imaging group, the Meents/biomedical x-ray group, and the HARBOR institute.

Given the massive investment Germany, Europe, the US, Japan, and others are making in large-scale equipment for ultrafast studies, it's an exciting time to shape the future of photo/bio research... if you think so too, consider joining us!

RSC Horizon Prize Award to LCLS Team -- Including PBIO

09 April 2021

Ultrafast x-ray imaging of photoactive reactions in small molecules honored by UK's Royal Society of Chemistry

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Mechanism and dynamics of FAP in Science

09 April 2021

Cyanobacteria use light to decarboxylate fatty acids

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COVID Results Reported in Science

02 April 2021

The results of our massive x-ray screening campaign against the COVID protein Mpro are out in Science!

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PBIO continues to fight COVID

15 January 2021

PBIO continues to assist DESY in screening compounds against COVID proteins. We've collected >1600 more crystals at PETRA-III and are crunching the data now! We all hope to get vaccinated soon, but small molecules could still be an tool in the global fight against this coronavirus, not to mention future variants.

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Two kinds of liquid water?

23 November 2020

Are there two kinds of liquid water? In 2019, while on sabbatical in Stockholm, TJ joined Anders Nilsson's group to find out. Read about what we discovered in our trip to PAL XFEL in Korea in the latest issue of Science.

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