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PBIO continues to fight COVID

15 January 2021

PBIO continues to assist DESY in screening compounds against COVID proteins. We've collected >1600 more crystals at PETRA-III and are crunching the data now! We all hope to get vaccinated soon, but small molecules could still be an tool in the global fight against this coronavirus, not to mention future variants.

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Two kinds of liquid water?

23 November 2020

Are there two kinds of liquid water? In 2019, while on sabbatical in Stockholm, TJ joined Anders Nilsson's group to find out. Read about what we discovered in our trip to PAL XFEL in Korea in the latest issue of Science.

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Ghost Imaging Workshop a Success

06 October 2020

We had 6 great talks as part of the LCLS/SSRL user's meeting workshop on ghost imaging. If you didn't catch the talks live, a recording will be available shortly here: check it out!

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PBIO Labs Getting Outfitted

30 September 2020

Some new toys are arriving in the PBIO labs as we get set up to do some science! Pictured here is a boxed ClarioSTAR instrument from BMG. With it's flexible optics, it can perform UV-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopies in 96-well plate format, as well as a host of other applications. Key tool for researching the intersection of light and bio.

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Hosting Ghost Imaging Workshop at LCLS/SSRL User's Meeting

16 September 2020

What is ghost imaging and how could it be used to further time resolved crystallography? What does it have to do with the new P14-2 beamline at PETRA III? Why the heck is it called ghost imaging and where are the ghosts?!?! Register for and join the free workshop, hosted by TJ and Daniel Ratner (from SLAC) to find out! The workshop is part of the LCLS/SSRL user's meeting, more info and registration here:

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PBIO joins DESY COVID campaign

11 August 2020

Automatic refinement to try and find ligands that bind to key COVID proteins.

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Arrival in Hamburg!

16 July 2020

Traveling in COVID times is not easy... but I made it to Hamburg! As the first member of PBIO at DESY we can officially mark the start of the group!

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